Great Scale Model Train and
Railroad Collectors Show
The Folks Who Make the Show Work!

Show Location: Maryland State Fair 2200 York Rd. Timonium, MD 21093

Aside from their administrative talent, sunny dispositions and irrepressible work ethic, our tenured management and staff people are also (and this should come as no surprise) model railroaders. It just kind of makes sense to us that the people who produce the show should have the same preferences and interests as the people who visit, buy, sell, and display here. Do ya think? 
Fred Ross: General Manager of the show, he is a real mutli-tasker and problem solver with a strong instinct for getting it right, the first time. Fred says he can do two things at once, he just can't be in two places, at once. Scott Nichols: Event Coordinator. Working long hours behind the scenes, weeks before the show opens, Scott efficiently handles the multiple tasks required to produce a top notch show. 
Pat Hess: Tireless admissions worker whose friendly face and congenial nature make show visitors feel welcome. Over a decade of experience at the show. Jerry Dembeck: A first rate multi-tasker who can do, and actually does, anything to assure a smooth show, from vendor set-up to trouble shooting.
Jeff Shryock: Handles admissions, assists vendors, and lends basic support for all who need it. Indispensable guy with years of experience, Jemma Shryock: She is recognized for her record years of unfailed attendance at the show, welcoming visitors, and handling admissions courteously and efficiently.
Carroll Ripley: Staff the White Elephant Table; artfully displays your goods and promotes their purchase. Waiting for Photo  J. Scott Geare (left) and Mike Militello became the new show owners in early 2014. Our job? Carry water for all the others whose tireless work has made the show a success.

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