Great Scale Model Train and
Railroad Collectors Show

Show Floor Maps

Show maps include exhibitor name and a 3 or 4 letter code for exhibitor's tables. For example, "John Smith" might appear on the floor plan as "Smith, John," with John's tables coded JSM1, JSM2, etc. Names, codes, and Hall location may be found by clicking this Exhibitor Directory link. John Smith might carry a location of "S Hall A" which means, "South Hall, Area A."

In the image below, click the Hall where the exhibitor is located. A map of the show will appear. Find exhibitor within the area of the Hall indicated in the Directory for that exhibitor.

Current show floor plans will be updated as vendors sign up, and table location may be may be moved somewhat to accommodate new bookings. Please check often and bring any discrepancies to our attention.

NOTE: Show floor plans are updated within a few weeks of the show; an outdated map gives a
general appearance of the shows halls.
Mainly scale vendors, some layouts Main Entrance to Show.
Mainly scale vendors, food service.
High Rail and Large Scale Vendors
& MANY Layouts

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