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Great Scale Model Train and
Railroad Collectors Show
& Railroad Marketplace

Show Location: Maryland State Fair 2200 York Rd. Timonium, MD 21093


Layouts, Displays, Train Show University (TSU) and other show features and attractions:

DISPLAYS: Include hundreds of scale miles of track winding through extensive and sophisticated scenery, depicting every phase of railroad territory from cities to farms, harbors to heavy industry. These are the works of skilled club members whose museum quality creations are sure to fascinate. Many have links to web sites - just click any underlined name to visit their site.

TSU (TRAIN SHOW UNIVERSITY): Experts work from dedicated classrooms which will help you learn about the hobby and inspire you to do more, with greater confidence.

If an "X" appears next to the layout, display, or clinic, it is scheduled for the current show.

Please note that the June (or July) show has just one or two layouts and NO clinics, owing to the restricted space we occupy in the Exhibition Hall.


The interactive lists below allow you to sort information by clicking on the column headers. Table will sort alphabetically depending on column header you select. This feature has been tested in all major browsers, but may fail to operate in old or lesser used versions.


Will Display What You'll See Website/Contact
Art's Garden Layout Feb Apr Oct X 12' x 18' Garden Display layout  
Baltimore Area American Flyer Feb Apr Jun Oct X 24' x 40' layout of classic American Flyer S; scenes reflect season and holidays.
Baltimore Soc. of Model Engineers Feb Apr Oct X HO engines, cars, buildings; Time-Saver Switching Layout; demos 410-837-2763
225 W. Saratoga St. 3rd Fl Baltimore MD 21201
BANTRAK Feb Apr  Oct X 50' x 70' Ntrak Display layout depicting local scenes
Berrett Hill Trains Feb Apr Oct X 25' x 15' On30 display modules; touch toggle controls; "time saver layout for visitor operation
Capitol FREE-MO Feb Apr Oct X 40' x 60' HO FREE-MO Modular display
Chesapeake & Allegheny Live Steam Feb Apr Oct X 1 1/2 inch to the foot locomotive display
Circus Modelers Group Feb Oct   42' x 60' HO layout with circus theme; many moving accessories  
Custom Model Railroads Feb Apr Oct X 4' X 8' layout depicting highly detailed urban scene
DC Area Indep. HiRailers Feb Apr Oct X 24' x 44' O scale hi-rail display layout
DC Z-Bend Track Group Apr Oct X 30' x 40'  Operating Z scale layout  
East Penn Traction Club Feb Apr Oct   20'x 30' traction O & HO layouts
Flagship Trains Feb Apr Oct   Info about the free outdoor G Scale Display
Four County Society of Model Engineers Feb Apr Oct X 40' x 100' HO modular seen in Great Model RR 2005 & RMC Oct 07!
Japan Rail Modelers of DC Feb Apr Oct   10' x 40' Japanese RR display layout
Harford County Modular RR Group Feb Apr Oct X 60' X 120' HO Scale Modular Operating Layout  
Keystone Chapter, ETE Feb Apr Oct   50' X 55' Operating HO layout - European trains  
Kid's Area Feb Apr Oct X Chaperoned children's area with activities and play area.  
Meade Area Railroad Society HO Feb Apr Oct X 90' X 55' Operating HO Layout with Hogsworth Feature
Mid Atlantic Ttrack Feb Apr Oct X Exciting combined layouts! 20' X 20' combined N Track club layouts from BANTRAK, Sykesville and Patapsco Railway, and East Penn Traction  
National Capital Trackers O Feb Apr Oct   30' X 60' Hirail modular animated layout as featured in the Baltimore Sun
Northern Central Chapter, PRRT&HS Feb Apr Oct  

Club Promotion    
Northern Virginia NTrak Feb Apr Oct X 30' X 50' N Scale Operating Layout
Parkville Model RR Club Feb Apr Oct   2 tables, "Timesaver" layout game plus club promotional materials  
Philly Corridor Crew Feb Oct X Northeast Corridor in HO scale, mostly focused around Philadelphia in the mid-to-late 1970's  
Prince William Cty. Model RR Clb Feb Apr Oct X 40' x 40' Sophisticated and detailed HO layout
Reading Co. Technical & H.S. Feb Oct   140' x 15' Modular HO display
Steel Mill Modelers Special Interest Group Feb Apr Oct   Display of steel mill model and information about joining this club
Stillmeadow Crossing Modular Train Group Feb Apr Oct   24 X 72 3 rail modular layout city country mix
Sykesville & Potomac RR Club Oct   Mini 3X5 layout and club info table
Trackside Modules Feb Apr Oct X 30'x 50' HO layout  
Show Prizes and Drawing Feb Apr Jun Oct   Door Prizes and drawings with merch. certs. worth over $1,000!
Train Show University Feb Apr Oct   Topics ranging from how to make trees to using DCC to modeling with engineering resin. All in plain language with demonstrations.
Warrior Run Loco Works Feb Apr Oct   40' x 65' 1:20.3 scale display layout -- LIVE STEAM!! 
Western Maryland RHS HO Scl. Mod. Grp Feb Apr Oct   30' x 100' display layout
Western Md Scenic RR Feb Apr Oct   Info about loco and railcar restoration and tours on the West MD Scenic RR

Vendors Master List:

Below, we list ALL vendors who are normally present at our shows, and the shows they normally attend, under "USUALLY AT."

We also show tables reserved for the upcoming show, as reservations are received. Check the list often because we frequently update it.

Refer to the list at any time for contact information of vendors you need to reach.

Sort information by clicking on the column headers. List will sort alphabetically or numerically depending on column header you select. This feature has been tested in all major browsers, but may fail to operate in old or lesser used versions.
A and L Trains Feb Oct Apr X American Flyer O Gauge And S Gauge Trains  
ACL & SAL Historical Society Feb   Books, magazines, videos, photos, model kits, model supplies
Acri, Joe Oct   HO Scale Trains; books  
All Aboard (Sam Talbot) Feb Apr Jun Oct X Fine quality wood display cabinets; brass models  
All Aboard Pennsy Feb Jun Oct   HO rolling stock Pennsy RFP steam and diesel  
All About Toy Trains Jun Feb   Authorized dealer of major brands and specialist in the purchase and sale of collections
Allen, Dan Feb   RR books used & out-of-print  
Allen, Richard Oct   HO locos cars and other items  
Al's Trains & Accessories Feb Apr Jun Oct X O gauge  
Altoona Workshops Feb Jun Apr X HO Scale locos, cars and misc. items  
American Flyer Depot Feb   S Scale Amer. Flyer
Anderson, Tom Feb Apr   N scale cars and locos  
Arons, Robert Oct   Ho Scale Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Structures And Accessories (Also Some O Scale)  
Art Hobbies, Inc Feb Oct   Builder, all scale brass models and casting, wheels  
Athearn Feb   Manufacturer of quality HO and N Scale model trains
Atwater, Andrew Feb   S scale products  
B & B Hobby Supplies Feb Apr Jun Oct X Electronics, tools, scale modeling supplies
B&O RR Historical Society Feb Oct   B&O Railroad books, reprints, & models
Backdrop Junction Jun Oct   Backdrops, craftsman style kits and custom work
Baker, Curt Oct   HO cars, locos and structures from private collection  
Baker, John Feb Apr Jun Oct   O gauge trains , railroad books and paper  
Barnard and Sons Design Assoc. Feb Apr Oct   N, HO, O - Towers with strobe lights, trains, accessories More Information
Barney, Joe Oct Apr X Lionel 1930's - 1990's  
Becker, Bryan Oct Apr X HO scale trains from an estate  
Bell, Daniel Apr   Pre and post war high rail trains and parts  
Belsinger, Harry E. Feb Apr Jun Oct X Lionel / American Flyer / O gauge  
Bergen National Laser Feb   Craftsman Laser Kits N and HO Scale
Big Trains Feb Apr Oct   G Scale trains, track, equipment, etc.  
Bill and Walts Hobby Shop Apr   Quality pre-owned Lionel  
Bill's Toys Feb Apr Oct X 3-rail O, S, N scale, HO, G plus variety of train related items  
Bittner, Tim Feb   HO structures  
Black Diamond Hobbies Feb Apr Oct   HO trains locos and rolling stock  
Blair, Paul Oct Apr   Variety of Model RR items  
Bob and Ron Stewart Oct   Mainly HO locos rolling stocks and misc from personal collection  
Bob's Photo Feb Oct Apr Jun   Photographs, slides, self-published books  
Bob's Trains Apr Oct Feb X HO and N scale locos, cars, scenery, etc and some Lionel  
Bob's Toy Trains Feb Apr X N-Scale Trains and accessories.  
Bomgardner, Gary Apr Oct Jun   HO locos  
Borges, Bill Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO and O Scale items  
Bowser Manufacturing Oct Feb   Manufacturer of quality HO, O and N Scale locos and cars
Brady's Train Outlet Apr   Lionel. MTH and other stanard gauge trains  
Brian's Model Trains Feb Apr Oct   HO & O scale trains
Bucher, David Oct Feb   HO locos, cars, accessories & books  
Burgers Box Car Feb Oct Apr Jun X N & HO Scale Trains High Rail Track Model Structures Accessories /717-284-4639
Burke, Jerry Jun Feb   HO rolling stock vintage 1980-1990  
BuznTrains Apr   HO Brass  
C & J Hobby Feb   HO items  
Cabin Fever Auctions Feb X Auctioneer of trains of all scales
Cain, Ed Feb   Lionel "O" Gauge Rolling Stock And Lionel Train Accessories.  
Caldow, Roger Apr Jun   HO trains, some plastic models  
Carolina Craftsman Kits Apr Oct Feb X Craftsman structure kit manufacturer
Carls Trains Oct   Scenery products, figures for model RR's + O Scale Cars; Formerly Harrison Trains and Scenes  
Cash for Trains Apr Jun Feb   HO, N and O scale items  
Cecil, Jim & Gomoljak, John Feb Apr Jun Oct X Lionel O gauge & Lionel PW Marx 027  
Celler Dweller Feb   HO engines & rolling stock, books, magazines, memorabilia  
Chessie System Historical Society Feb Apr Oct   Chessie and predecessor HO models, books, memorabilia
Chisolm, John Feb   On30, loco, structures cars, 7/8 N2 rail bus, Monson combine, tools  
Choo-Choo Nuts Oct Feb   HO and N Scale wide variety of locos rolling stock, accessories, etc.  
Christie, Stephen Apr   HO Scale Rolling Stock and Accessories  
Chuckatuck Collectibles Feb   O guage and HO, fast track, and variety of model RR items
Clark, Gary Feb   Vast Selection of American Flyer Products incl vintage and new  
Classic Toys 4U2 Feb Apr Oct   HO & N scale  
Cliffs Custom Trains Apr Oct   Custom DCC/Sound installs, weathering and upgrades HO
CMR Products Oct Feb X Custom decals and weathering, DCC, craftsman structures and more
Cohen, Bob Feb Apr Jun Oct X Books, magazines, HO models  
Collins, Fred Apr Jun   O gauge 3-rail trains  
Condiff, Steven Apr X Many HO products  
Conley, Lester Feb Apr Jun Oct   Various scales incl Marklin and Lionel  
Conrail Historical Society Feb Oct   Conrail merchandise, train simulator for PC
Conway, Bill (Bill Conway) Feb Apr Jun Oct   Variety of Model RR items  
Copeland, John Oct    HO and O locos, cars, plus scenic and miscellaneous items  
Craig, Eric Apr   Steel Mill and Reading RR HO  
Crider, Ben Oct   Lionel locos, cars, track, accessories, scenery.  
Crider, Fred Oct Feb   Pre & Post War Lionel, MTH  
Cross Sam Apr   HO Scale various items  
Crusader Rail Services Feb Apr Oct X HO-S-O scales, Standard & narrow gauges; DCC sound, kits
Curry, John Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO train products of many kinds  
Custom Display Cases Feb Oct   Acrylic Display Cases
Cutman, Rob Jun Feb   Item from personal collection  
D & L Toy Trains Feb Oct  

O Scale, S Scale, HO, N Scale trains accessories scenery etc. 585-547-9466
1348 O'conner Rd. Darien Center NY 14040
Daniels, Michael Feb Apr Oct X High end HO DCC engines, HO rolling stock  
Dave's Custom Trains & Supply Oct   HO Scale Trains Other Supplies and Consumables Custom Built Models in HO scale  
Davenport, Ed Oct   Ho And N Scale Trains And Buildings  
Davis, Rob Oct   Personal collection of N, HO, O and G  
Day, Reggie (Reggie Day) Feb Apr Jun Oct X Personal collection: O, HO, G scale, timetables, rulebooks, etc  
DCC Xpress Installations Oct Feb X Highest Quality DCC Sound And Non Sound Installations For Ho Scale Locomotives Available, Utilizing The Finest Sound Decoders On The Market.
DC Rail and Hobby Depot Apr Oct X Craftsman All Scale Trees; Hobby Loads Coal & Freight Loads
De Angelis, Joe & John Feb Apr Oct X Old and new HO, N Scale; locos cars, scenery, accessories  
De Ronde, Bob and Barbara Feb Oct   Paasche Airbrushes  
Dembeck, Alfred Feb   HO Structures  
Demian, Lewis Oct   Matchbox Car Collection, 500 Plus Cars Including Vintage, Superfast, Regular, Models Of Yesteryear, Super Kings, Sky Kings And More.  
Demott, Ed Feb   HO locos, cars, track and related  
Denny's Trains Feb   N & HO scale, videos  
DFV Trains Feb Apr Jun Oct   Transformers and HO & N scale  
Diecast Truck World Feb Apr   RR Plaques with RR logos  
Don's Trains Feb   Lionel items  
Don Grant Jr. Railroad Artwork Feb Jun Oct Apr X Original railroad art  
Dorsett, Garrett Feb Apr   Assorted Rolling Stock And Track  
Douglas, Barry Feb   On30 Scale Trains Model Structures Art  
Dr. Mike's Lightning Bond Glue Feb Oct   Dr. Mike's Glue
Drury, James Apr X Books, CDs Magazine, HO & N Scale  
Dubel, Thomas Oct   Vintage Flyer,Lionel And HO  
Dwarvin Oct X Scenery lighting without wires
E & T Trains Apr Oct Feb   HO, N and large scale
Eader, Doug Oct   HO locos rolling stock track and accessories tools paint etc.  
East Coast Circuits Apr   signals and lighting
East Coast Railroads Oct   High Quality HO cars, locos and accessories
Eckert, Kevin Feb   O Scale and Misc RR items hard to find real railroad items  
Edmonson, Bob Oct   HO Scale Trains Model Structures Art
Enchanted Attic Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO & O scale trains & accessories; books, magazines, lanterns  
Engineer's Wife Apr Feb X HO locos, rolling stock, scenic items  
Engleman, John Apr Oct Feb   HO Scale Trains  
English, Tom Feb Apr Oct   Model trains, scale model aircraft, etc.  
Erickson, Rob Feb   Estate Sale of Many HO locos car, track, structures, scenic materials  
Estate Train Sales Oct Feb   O Scale trains, some HO  
Euro Train Hobby, Inc. Apr Jun Oct X Major supplier of European brands scale trains, structures and supplies
ExactRail LLC Feb   HO & N scale rolling stock and parts
F & N Hobbies (Fred Patrick) Apr Oct Feb X All scale trains and DCC  
Fidler, Robert Feb Apr Oct X HO Scale Trains Track Model Structures Books  
Fierro, Carmen Oct   HO rail and structure items incl brass locos from personal collection  
First State Railways Apr   DCC Digitrax, SoundTraxx, NCE - Blackstone  
Fleischmann Fanatic Feb Apr Oct   European Model Trains HO  
FLM Oct   O & G gauge trains  
Foggy Mountain Models Feb Apr X Craftsman structure and accessory model kits and custom models
Foster, Jim Jun   Large Scale Locos, rolling stock, etc.  
Franz, Carl Feb Apr Jun Oct X DVD and BluRay RR videos; Photo Special steam charters  
Free State Soc. of Mod Railroader Feb   Numerous model railroad items for sale to support the club  
Friends of the East Broad Top Feb   Membership and restoration work display 
Friends of the Stewartstown RR Feb Apr Jun Oct   Club Information and Membership Opportunity
Fryer's Trains Feb   MTH O Scale Locos  
Funaro & Camerlengo Feb Apr Jun Oct X Resin kits - injection molded kits
Gallery of Industrial, Marine, and Urban Models Oct   Rare HO kits and craftsman quality structures
Garver, William Feb   Model Trains - N, H-O, O Gauge & Diecast Cars And Trucks  
Gatorfoam Oct   Modeling substrates, wood, foam, plastic, etc.
Gene's Trains Oct Apr X Atlas and Peco HO Code 100 Track and Switches. Woodland Scenics. Various scale model railroad trains.  
Gilbert's Hobby Shop Oct Apr   Full line Model Train dealer
Gingrich, David L. Jun, Feb   Mainly HO rolling stock, locos, structures, and some O RMT  
Glorioso, Robert Feb   O & HO various items  
Golabiewski, Joe Apr Jun Oct Feb X Quality diecast scale model trucks & other model vehicles  
Gold Spike Hobbies Feb Apr Oct   HO trains & accessories, custom painted HO (717) 308-2179
Goldberg, Ira Oct Apr   N & HO scale engines & cars  
Gowers Custom N Scale Jun Apr X Custom N Scale Storage Boxes  
Green Frog Productions Jun Oct   Train videos  
Grone, Daniel L. Feb Apr Jun Oct X B&O & WMD pieces in mostly HO, plus related products  
Gross, Bob Oct   N Scale Locomotives, assorted freight cars, scenic structures, vehicles.  
Grove, John (John Grove) Apr Oct   HO stuff  
Hagner, George Oct   HO trains  
Hamlin, George Feb Apr Oct X Photos, railroadiana, misc. model RR  
Hammel, Vincent Oct Feb   HO locomotives and cars  
Hammer, Mike Feb   HO rolling stock and locos  
Hammond Brothers Feb Apr Oct Jun X HO scale trains  
Harrigan, Mike Feb Apr Jun Oct   Postwar Lionel; some modern era; sometimes prewar Lionel  
Harrisburg Chptr HRHS Oct   HO locos and rolling stock  
Hawk, Jim Oct   HO Scale Trains  
Hawk, Steve Feb Apr   HO Scale rolling stock, locos, scenery, some brass  
Hazel, Glenn Feb Oct   HO model trains  
Heefner, Cary Feb Oct   HOn3 & On3 kits & engines  
Helmuts Hobbies and Adrian Cates Feb Apr Oct X American and European HO locos and rolling stock
Hengen, Pete Jun      
Henning, Brian Oct Feb Apr X Misc - LGB, O Ga, On30. Rolling stock, some locos. some buildings. Railroad memorabila. Thinning out collections.  
Hermann, Todd Feb   Primarily Ho Scale Model Trains, Mostly Eastern Roads Prototypes. Also A Very Small Quantity Of American Flyer Trains And Accessories.  
Hetrick, Wayne Oct   Thinning personal HO collection: high quality locos, rolling stock, structures, etc.  
Hobbies, etc. Feb   HO and other scales locos, cars, misc  
Hobbytyme Distributors Feb Oct   Most Model Railroad brands - selling to the trade only
Hogan, Shawn & Ben Feb Apr   HO brass, craftsman kits, high quality R-T-R  
Hojack Hobbies Jun Oct X Model RR equipment, etc.  
Hokins, Jim Oct      
Hot Wire Foam Factory Feb Apr Oct X Scenery-making hot wire tools; demos
Howie's Brass Trains Feb Apr Jun Oct X Brass models and more
Hughes, Robert Oct   Used overstock of my personal railroad items (HO locomotives and freight cars, and some railroadiana)
Hunterline Feb Oct   200 sq. ft. Craftsman kits in N,HO,S,O,F; demos
Iezzi, Allan Feb Apr Oct   HO plastic car, engines, misc. parts.  
Igo's Trains Feb Apr Oct X HO Scale Trains DCC Parts Books Franklin Mint classic cars.  
Inventores Feb   3D Printing of scale parts
Island Model Works Oct   N, HO and O Scale Items
Ismail, Rawil Oct   Ho Locomotives, Cars And Structures - Athearn/Genesis, Atlas, Walthers  
J&O Railroad Productions Apr Jun Oct Feb   Railroad videos  
Jaeger, Henry Feb Oct Apr X HO trains and parts  
Jamison, Will Oct   Scale trains, railroadiana and books  
Janes Tools Oct   Hobby Tools and tree making supplies (includes clinic)
Jans, Bob Feb Apr Jun Oct X Model Railroad Layout Design and Estate Sales  
JC Train Repair Apr X On3, O scale, HO  
JJ Buyalos Trains Apr   NIB Lionel/Kline trains and accessories  
John's Trains Feb Apr Oct Jun   Lionel Track, Accessories, Engines And Rolling Stock  
Just Trains Feb Oct   3rd largest MTH O Scale dealer in US carries large scale, HO and N also
Kannengieser Robert Apr X HO Trains, books and supplies.  
Karl's Kabuse Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO brass, misc. HO & N  
Kalmring, Peter Feb   HO New and used locos, cars parts, decals.
Kaufmann, Daniel Feb Oct X HO locos, cars, track, scenic, etc.  
KC's Workshop Feb Oct X Laser cut craftsman kits
Kegerreis, Gerald Jun   HO Scale Blue Box Cars and more  
Keller, Rick Feb   Excess Ho Items From Collection. Pennsy Locos And Several Cars.  
Kelly, Stephen Oct   Variety Of Used, High Quality Ho Scale Equipment, Mostly Locomotives  
Kennedy David Feb   N scale engines and cars; RR history books; model RR how-to books  
Kerkendall, Wade Feb Apr   HO Train Products  
Keystone Model Trains Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO, O, brass & more. Estate Sale liquidations, always something new.  
Kim's Trains and Things Feb Apr Oct   Large Scale Trains and items
King's Bequest Oct Feb   Estate Sale many RR items  
Kleeman, Jim Oct Feb   Atlas, Athearn, Proto 2000 locomotives and rolling stock  
Kochowicz, John Apr Oct   Post war Lionel, O and standard gauge trains  
Koob, Walter Feb Apr   Lionel, Kline, large scale locos rolling stock  
Kramer, Brad Feb   O Scale Lionel, MTH and similar  
Krausman Mitchell Feb Apr Oct X HO Scale Trains - kit bashed background structures, Custom built marine barges & Marine Models/parts;  Large Assortment of Detail Parts / Castings; Vehicles, freight cars, Can Motors, brass parts,  decals & billboards, custom signage (steam era).  /
Krochmal, David Feb    Ho Train Collection: Varney, Penn Line, Ambroid, Tyco, Mantua, Bowser, Walthers, And Other Odd Ball Manufacturers.  
KT Trains Feb Jun Oct X O Scale Lionel, MTH, Williams, etc.  
Kulp, H. Nick Oct   Personal Collection  
Kunzer, Guy Feb Apr Oct X New HO & N Locos and cars  
Landis, Tim & Barnard Roberts Feb Apr Jun Oct X Railroad antiques
Langenhoven, Josua Apr Jun X Various RR items  
Leavers Switches and More Oct Feb   HO Scale trains, Scenery Items, clothing
Lee, Skip Feb Apr Oct X Lionel, American Flyer, MTH O and some HO  
Leisure World Feb Oct   N HO Scale Trains High Rail Model Structures Accessories Artifacts and Antiques  
Lerro Productions Feb Apr Jun Oct X Art, prints, audio train sounds
Levers, Switches and More Feb Apr Oct   HO Scale trains, Scenery Items, clothing
Lindsay, Dwayne Oct Feb   Assorted Toy And Model Trains (Lionel, Flyer, Ho, N ) Railroad Themed Books, Layout Items (Houses, Figures Etc.)  
Lights 4 Models Oct   Scenery Supplies Other Supplies and Consumables and Accessories
Loco Joe / Bunker Hill/ Moose Cab Oct Feb Apr X Scale model cars, locos, track accessories, etc.
Loose Caboose Apr Oct   Lionel repair parts and trains  
Loehne, Bob Feb Oct Jun   Lionel 3-rail and related  
Lovenduski, John Oct   HO Trains, Structures, Scenery Supplies, Parts, books and more  
Luke, Jim Apr Jun Oct Feb X Trains, Accessories, And Related Railroading Items. All Scales, Sizes, Eras, And Manufacture. J.E.LUKE@COMCAST.NET
Luna Trains Feb   HO Locomotives, cars, etc.  
Lyon, Bill Oct   Scale Trains High Rail Track HO & O  
M and H Hobbies Feb Jun Oct   Books, DVDs, HO trains, N Scale
Ma & Pa RR Historical Society Feb X Books, CDs, models, misc. RR items
Makin Tracks, LLC Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO locos, rolling stock, track, scenic items, detail parts and more
Maneval, Doug Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO trains  
Marks Multiples Oct   HO RTR, slides, kits, books  
Martin, Arthur Feb Apr   O/O-27 Trains Marx, Lionel, Williams, K-line, N Gauge Trains, Die Cast Trucks Maybe some Plasticville.  
Martino, Michael Feb Apr Jun Oct   Miscellaneous Lionel accessories and Railroadiana  
Martz, Brad Apr X Lionel, MTH, Atlas, K-Line, Weaver O Gauge Trains  
Mason, Glen Oct   HO locos rolling stock incl Army Train  
Mason Dixon Large Scale MRR Soc. Apr   Club Promotion
Max and Son Model Railroading Feb   N, Ho And O Gauge Model Railroad Items: Engines, Rolling Stock, Track, Buildings; Books; Plaques, Prints, Paintings, And Other Railroading Memorabilia.  
McAlister, Bo Feb Apr Jun Oct   O scale, Tinplate O & Standard gauges  
McCloskey, George Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO, O scale  
McGhee, Jim Apr   O Scale Trains High Rail Track Model Structures Accessories Electronics  
McGhee, Kurt Apr   Ho Trains  
McGuirk, Marty Feb Oct   HO Scale Trains Model Structures Books  
McHugh, Ed Apr Oct   HO Scale Trains Artifacts and Antiques  
MDT Trains Apr Jun Feb   HO & N scale model trains  
Medford Trains Oct Feb Apr X Craftsman quality structure kits emphasis on Western Maryland
Mendez, Ed Feb Jun Apr Oct X O Gauge Lionel - Mth - Kline - Corgi Buses, Fire Trucks, & Other Train Related Items  
Messina, Frank Apr   HO engines, cars, structures and materials, books and tapes  
Michael, Todd Feb   HO & G Locos, cars and structures. KATO, Athearn, Atlas etc  
Microlumina Oct Feb X Kits and materials for miniature structure lighting and sound.
Micro-Scale/Tichy Train Feb Apr Oct X Scale craftsman kits and parts
Mike's Rail & Lighting Service Feb Apr Oct   Narrow Gauge Specialist; micro-lighting clinics  
Mike's Railroad Magazine Oct   Magazines, scale model RR items  
Miller, Harold Feb Oct   Lionel Hi-Rail  
Miller, Jerry F. Feb Apr Oct X Books & HO scale  
Mind's Eye Modelworks Feb Apr Oct X RR layout salvage; custom built models  
Miniature Motorworks Oct   Programmable moving road vehicles - work like DCC locos!
MinuteMan Scale Models/Scalecoat Feb Apr Jun Oct   Craftsman structure kits, tools & supplies incl Scalecoat brand paint
MJS Custom Layouts Feb Oct   Craftsman quality custom structures and dioramas
Mocekis, Matthew Jun Oct X Scale Trains High Rail Model Structures DCC; portions of our personal collection.  
Model Tech Studios LLC Feb Oct   Model kits & built-up models
Modelers Decal and Paint Oct   Acrylic Airbrush Paint And Accessories  
Mohawk Design Feb Oct Apr   RR T-shirts, Steel books, posters
Moore, Ann Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO rolling stock & engines; we offer a continually updated, wide variety of new and gently used HO kits and built rolling stock and engines.  
Morgenstern, Wes Feb   O Scale 2 Rail Estate Sale. Mostly Brass Prr Models  
Moser, Michael (Gilbert's Hobbies) Apr Jun Feb Oct   G scale/ diecast vehicles  
Motrak Models Feb Apr Oct   Hydrocal castings - structure kits
Mowrer's Railroad Antiques Feb Apr Jun Oct X RR hardweare tools, lanterns 1:1 717-515-2974
MTH Trains Oct Feb   400 sq. ft display Manufacturer of prototypical locomotives and rolling stock in various scales
Murphy, Julia Feb Oct   HO locos car, accessories, etc from estate  
Murray, Scott Feb Apr Oct X O, HO & N scale trains & accessories  
Myers, William Apr X HO, N, O scale trains, die-cast and plastic cars, plastic buildings, metal and plastic figures  
Nace's Videography Feb Apr Jun Oct X Model Railroad Videos
Narrow Gauge Modeling Company Oct   Narrow O scale detail parts and accessories
National Capital Trains Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO/HOn3 and N scale
Nauss, Alexander Feb   High Rail and Lionel  
Nease, Mike Feb   freight cars , loco's , books all in HO  
Nechapor, Michael Oct   HO, G, Railroadiana  
Nesemann Andreas Feb   European HO trains  
New England Brownstone Apr   hydrocal castings structures  
New England Custom Rail Feb Oct   ITTC Stationary Sound, NECR Decals, Loksound DCC, Bragdon Scenery
41 Durant Ave.  Maynard MA 1754
Nichols, John Feb   O scale (2-rail); On3, RR books  
Nicholas Smith Trains Oct Feb Apr   Variety of O, HO, G Locos, cars etc.  
Nick and Nora Designs Feb Oct   Craftsman structure kits; custom built models
Nolt, Cliff Feb   N, Ho And O Trains  
Npire Models Feb Apr Oct   HO & N trains & accessories; diecast vehicles  
NRHS Baltimore Chapter Feb Apr Oct   Books, magazines, timetables, etc.  
O'connor Micheal Apr X HO locatives, rolling stock, Structure Kits, Rolled cork, & other HO Model railroad items.  
Olson, Hal Feb Apr   Bachmann track and HO odds and ends  
OnTrack Hobbies Feb Oct   N, HO and Z Scale engines and rolling stock  
O Scale Kings Feb   Promotion of O Scale RR Modeling  
Ozell, Al Feb Oct   HO scale locomotives & rolling stock  
PA-Trains Jun Feb X Most scales of model trains and accessories www.PA-TRAINS.COM
Pace, Ken Feb Apr Oct X Lionel American Flyer and HO products  
Padgett, Phil Oct   Will sign his new book, various model RR items for sale.
Page County Railroad Club Apr X Mixed scales  
Palewicz, Al Oct      
Palma, Peter Feb Apr Oct   N HO S Scale Trains High Rail Model Structures Accessories  
Paoli, Armand Feb Apr Jun Oct X N scale & railroadiana  
Parrish, Brian Feb   O and HO Scale Trains  
Pauling, William Oct Apr   Estate sale - HO locos, rolling stock, etc.  
Paw of a Bear Feb Apr Oct   Scratch/kit built Z, N & HO structures; unbuilt craftsman kits
PBTrains Feb Apr   HO Scale Trains  
Peach Creek Shops Oct Feb   HO and steel mill supplies  
Peck, Jeff Apr Oct X N Scale  
Peltz, Rick Feb Apr   N Scale, micro-trains, railroadiana  
Pence, Dan Apr   O Scale Brass  
Penn Central Railroad Hist Society Oct   Promote Membership in Penn Central Railroad Historical Society  
Peterboro Railroad Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO, N, On30, also Thomas
Phil Powers Fine Art Feb Apr Oct   Railroad art  
Phillips, Charlie Feb Apr Jun Oct   HO and railroadiana  
Piechocki, Robert Feb Apr   Variety of trains HO, Lionel, etc. from personal collection  
Pierce, Bill Apr Feb Jun   HO cars and structures  
Pikesville Models Feb Apr Oct X S gauge train, mainly American Flyer
Piselli, Albert Apr   O Gauge Model Trains Lionel - Mth- K-Line Buildings Etc.  
PK's Provideo Service Oct   N HO S O scale Scale Trains Track Model Structures Scenery Supplies DCC Accessories Parts Books Artifacts and Antiques Tools Art Maps Other Marklin I produce 215 different videos of real train videos, and display them at shows.  
Plant, Jeremy Feb Apr X HO Locomotives / rolling stock / books  
Pomeroy, Estelle Oct   HO Items  
Pony Motorsports Feb Apr Jun Oct   G & O scale trains, vehicles  
Pop Pop Trains Oct Feb Apr X HO and N Scale Trains, scenic items and more  
Portland Locoworks Feb Apr Oct   Books, CDs, models, mos. RR items
Posinski, Joe Feb   MTH PS1, PS2 sets, Williams Sets, Lionel  
Potomac Chptr NRHS Oct Feb   Club promotion and sales
ProtoLoads Oct   Prototype railroad loads all scales
Puff 'n Stuff Oct Feb   Thomas, HO, structures accessories  
R & B Services Feb Apr Oct   Aluminum Replicas of railroad signs  
R & S Trains Feb Apr Oct Jun   HO scale equipment and supplies  
Rabasseau, Ted Feb   Estate sale - O gauge trains & accessories, and railroadiana  
Rader, Joseph Feb Oct   Ho Scale Engines, Rolling Stock  
Raffensparger, John Jun Oct Feb   N, HO and O scale products  
Railroad Yard Feb   N & HO, some large scale locos, cars, etc.  
Rail Scale Models Feb X Craftsman structure and accessory model kits and custom models
Railtrek Media Feb Apr Jun Oct   Railroad videos 
Railway Models Feb Apr Jun Oct X Model Structures Scenery Supplies Other Supplies and Consumables
Ralphs Trains LLC Feb Oct   Custom flat car loads all scales
RC Flyby Feb      
RDTW Collectables Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO & S scale diecast cars
Reid, John Oct Feb   HO, 1/72, N, 1/48) scale models and dioramas with railroad themes. Rolling Stock (assorted types, road names). Some locomotives, scenery.
Reuter, Thomas R. Jun      
Revelation Video Feb Apr Jun   DVDs, books
Rhodes, Ramon Feb Apr Oct   HO Scale rolling stock  
Ride On Garden Railroad Oct, Feb   Display and instruct: build large scale ride-on garden trains that run on low cost, durable pvc track
Ridgefield Hobby Apr Feb   HO scale engines car structures, etc
Riverdale Station Oct   HO, N O Scale locos, car, etc.  
River Line Model Railroading Feb Apr Jun Oct   N scale trains and accessories  
Rivrosibob Feb Oct   HO scale items  
Robel, Robert Apr   Actual railroad items, collectibles, such as locomotive number plate, drum-head sign, station signs,dining car menus, schedules, employee timetables, videos, etc.  
Rockville Model Railroad Society Feb Apr Oct   Estate Sales of Scale Trains Track Model Structures DCC Accessories Parts Books
Rodriguez, John Oct   HO locos, cars, structures, track and more  
Roman, William Oct   MTH and Lionel O Scale  
Ron's Books Feb Apr Jun Oct X New books, DVD's  (914-967-7541)
PO Box 714 Harrison NY 10528
Sainsbury, Peter Apr Oct   HO Scale train merchandise  
Savage, David W. Jun Oct   N Scale Locos & Micro trains rolling stock; Ho 1900 era DCC w/sound Steam/cars/wagons.  Ho Walthers 12 car Circus Train Mint in Box with the Wagons.  
Scale Model Railroads Feb Apr Oct X Layouts all scales; cover May/June N Scale; June CTT; June O  
Scenery Plus Feb Oct   dioramas, scenic supplies, vintage trains  
Scenic Views Photography Apr Oct Feb X Railroad photography  
Schlaegel, Matthew Oct Apr X HO Locos And Cars; Track; Transformers; Misc.  
Schmidt, John Apr Oct Feb   Mostly Mint In Box, New Old Stock 1990S Era Lionel O-Gauge.
Scott, David Apr   HO cars, locos, incl plastic & brass, senic items  
Scott, Jacob Oct   Used O Scale And Ho Scale  
Schaeffer, Robert Oct   Ho Scale Weathered Freight Cars, Brass Locomotives/Cabooses, Misc.  
Seymour, Danny Oct   HO Scale kits, locos, rolling stock, scenery items  
Short, Robert Feb   1/43 Diecast Vehicles, Reproduction Dinky Toys, 1/64 Diecast,  
Showers, Tate Oct   O Gauge Engines, Rolling Stock, Accessories  
Shimmel, Bob Feb Apr Oct X HO scale trains  
Shindledecker, Greg Oct   New And Used, Mostly Ho, Engines, Rolling Stock And Structures.  
Shireman, Terry Oct Feb Apr X Personal HO collection locos, cars, parts, etc.  
Sidetrack Relics Feb Apr Oct X HO Scale trains, kits, some brass  
Sikorsky Frank Apr   Lionel and Hoi Rail  
Slagel, Ray Feb   HO and Lionel Locos cars, track, etc.  
Smith, Jr., George A. Feb Apr Jun Oct X Used HO Engines/cars  
Speedwitch Media Feb Oct   Books, decals, and model kits and parts (all original Speedwitch products)  
Spiwak, Marty Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO Scale locomotives rolling stock scenic items  
Springirth, Kenneth Jun Oct X Author of trains and trolley books who does book signing at the show.  
Spring Mills Depot Feb Apr Jun Oct X Manufacturer of custom HO cars and storage boxes.
Susquehanna Div NMRA Feb Apr   Club promotion
St. John, Andrew Feb  

N and HO Scale Trains, High Rail, Model Structures Accessories Artifacts and Antiques contributed by various clubs and individual sellers.

Staley, Scott Oct      
Stall Five Productions Feb Jun   Other Videos/DVD  
Star Hobby Feb Apr Jun Oct X N, HO, #1, O, railroadiana, video, books, mags; Thomas the Tank
Steam and History Group Oct   HO, S and G scale cars, locos, track, etc.  
Steam Into History Feb   Tourist Railroad
Steel Mill Modelers Oct Feb   Steel mill related structures and rail cars, club promotion  
Stein, Harold Feb Apr   Lionel Pre-war & Post-war tinplate trains  
Stella and Dot Jewelry Oct   Bracelets with RR Names and Initials  
Stepnick, David Apr      
Stewart Bob and Ron Oct Feb   Mainly HO locos rolling stocks and misc from personal collection  
Stewart Hobbies Oct   Items from personal collection of HO engines, rolling stock, etc.  
Stokem and Smoke em! Feb Oct X Real live steam!  
Stone, Melvin Feb   HO and O trains, engines, cars  
Suffredini, David Jun   Newer O Gauge Trains  
Sunset Models / Golden Gate Depot Feb   O scale
Swanner, Bob Feb Apr Jun Oct   HO  
Sweeney, Margaret Feb Jun Oct   Scale Trains Accessories Books O27, O and standard gauge  
Sydow, William Jun   N, HO and O engines, rolling stock, scenic items, etc.  
Taber, Mike Apr   HO locos and cars  
Templeton, Thomas Feb   Ho Scale Craftsmen Structures & Detail Parts;  Built Up Ho Scale Models; Engines And Train Cars  
T & P Trains & Collectibles Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO scale trains & structures + N scale  
T&W Trains Feb   N & HO scale  
TexNrails Feb Apr Oct X N & HO; brass
The Shelf Layouts Company Jun Oct   Custom layout building / Layout design
TJ's Junction Feb Oct   Scale Trains Hess Trucks N HO  
Thomas, Till Apr   Ho Model Engines, Cars, Structures, Parts, Electrical, Decals, Paint. Thinning Personal Collection  
Thoroughbred RR Models Feb Apr   Custom painted & weathered models
Timmins, Craig Feb Apr Jun Oct X O and G Scale Items  
Timmins, Merrill Oct Feb   N scale locos, rolling stock, buildings  
Tiny Tim Trains Feb Oct   High Rail Track Model Structures Books Artifacts and Antiques
TJ'S Junction Jun   Scale Trains Hess Trucks N HO  
TLC Publishing Feb Apr Jun Oct   RR books & railroadiana
Toomey Press Oct   Railroad Books  
Toth Andrew Oct   Model Train Layout Control Systems and Automation  
Towner, George Feb Jun   HO Train Cars, excess vintage inventory from personal collection incl Imex vehs.  
Toy Train Operator's Society Feb Oct   Tin plate, toy and related merchandise, info about the Society  
Trackside Scenery Feb Oct   Scenic backdrops, model structures, fine art RR photography
Train Control Systems (TCS) Apr Oct Feb   Mfg of DCC controls and Originator of WOW Sound Free installations at show.
Train Room Feb Apr Jun Oct X Model Trains Apr   Country's largest buyer/seller of MRR items
Trees, Trains & More Feb Apr Jun Oct   HO rolling stock, structures & scenic supplies  
Tree Frog Treasures Jun   Military treasures  
Trofatter, Andy Oct   Ho Scale Scenery Including Models (Both Assembled, Customized, And Some Still In The Manufacturers Box), Landscaping, Some Modeling Supplies. and A Few Trains And Stock Cars.  
Troutman, Ed Oct   O Gauge Engines And Cars  
Tuck, Mack Feb Apr   HO Scale Trains Model Structures Artifacts and Antiques  
Tweedtiques Apr X Thomas items  
Umstot, Vernon K. Feb   HO trains, vast personal collection of quality items  
Urban Transit Club Apr Oct   Slides, photos, vintage NY Central timetables, NY City subway maps, subway roll signs, tokens, etc.  
Urbina, Luis Oct   HO Scale structures  
Usborne Books & More Feb Jun Oct Apr   Train related children's educational books
US Frontier Miniatures Apr   O Scale Miniature Houses & Buildings Inspired By The Early American Settlers
Vasquez, Luis Jun Feb   Mini tools, drill accessories, heat shrink tubing, etc.  
Velazques, Rick Feb   HO scale cares, scenic items and accessories  
Van Scyoc, Andy Feb Apr   N scale items and some Lionel  
Vial, Matt Apr   Ho Trains from personal collection  
Virginia Midland Shops Jun   HO models
Virginia Hobbies, etc. Feb   European HO incl.Marklin, Trix, etc. O scale MTH/Lionel/Atlas  
Vogelmann, Harold Feb Apr Oct   HO scale rolling stock  
VW & B Custom Model RR Cars Apr   HO Scale WW2 US and German Custom Cars
Wagner, James Oct   Lionel, O and standard gauge trains  
Wallen, Marsha Apr Oct   Ho Brass Engines, Ho Fine Scale Miniatures  
Washington DC Chapter NRHS Feb      
Watson Robert Oct   Ho(Various),#1(Lgb),And Z(Marklin)Gauge Rolling Stock Collection Of The Past 50 Years,Some #1 Gauge Track And Turnouts And structures  
Wayne's Trains Feb Apr Jun Oct X Scale & tinplate, vintage, trees  
Webb, Charles and Patti Jun X

Railroadiana and model trains

Weisinger, Harold Jun Oct   HO O Scale Trains High Rail Track Books Artifacts and Antiques Clothing Items Art  
West Virginia RR Co. Feb Apr Jun Oct X T-shirts, hats, & trains
Western Maryland RHS Museum Gift Shop Feb Oct X WM books, calendars, videos, models
Westlake Consulting LLC Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO, O, On3 Brass locos & craftsman kits  
White Elephant Feb Apr Jun Oct X White Elephant Tables--sell your old stuff while you shop  
William H. Becker, Inc. Feb Apr Jun Oct X Lionel Trains/Parts/Paint/American Flyer Trains/HO Trains/Repair Services.
Win Becker (610) 446-4221
Williamstown Junction Trains Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO scale, Walther's buildings, Bowser  
Wilke, Ben Jun   HO Scale Locos and rolling stock  
Withers Publishing Feb   Railroad books and magazines

Woo Woo Express Co. Feb Apr Jun Oct X HO-G-N  
Workman Bryce Oct   Personal collection HO trains, scenery accessories, etc.  
Yankee Dabbler Feb Apr Oct X All scales plus Thomas, DCC, intsallations of DCC
Young, Allen Feb   Higher-end O-scale 3rd rail models (Sunset 3rd Rail, Weaver, Lionel and others), primarily B&O.  
Zane, Howard Feb Oct   Brass locos and rolling stock and custom craftsman structures
Z-Stuff for Trains Oct Feb   Tracks side signals and controls

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